Ait Bougmez Traverse (5 Days)


Ait Bougmez Valley is among the most mystifying places in the mountain ranges of Atlas, leave the other places of Morocco for long vacations. You will find green pastures patchwork, fertile lands, and streams of windy mountains surrounded by peaks that higher than usual (including Mgoun, a second highest mountain of Morocco). As it is separate from the other parts, the area is covered with traditional and mesmerizing Berber villages in the mountains of Atlas.

This walking area follows the route of the Bougmez Valley upstream beginning at Agoud at the top of the Valley. As the trail takes up and off of the valley towards the go of Tizi n'Rougoult, the vegetation limits to the plants of alpine and bushes and the horizon widen to the summit of M'goun, over the Tessaoult river, the Southern M'goun Massif. On the Southern side of the Atlas Mountains, the route takes a new crossing while passing the Tessaoult River through villages of Berber of Magdaz and Fakhour.



You have to get up at 9 am morning to be picked up from Riad to the Bougmez valley which will take 6 hours of traveling. On the way, you will encounter a breath-taking view of Cascade Ouzoud 100 m drop waterfall. A simple guesthouse in Agouti village for overnight, a beguiling small town with the views over the Bougmez Valley.

Lodging:gîte (mountain hut)

Provision: Dinner


Agouti is at the top head of the Valley Ait Bougmez, be ready to witness the bewitching views of the Happy Valley during the walk on the route going out of the village. After a 90 minutes roaming, the path changes towards the Agerssif (1489m), which can be seen after 3 hours from Agouti. Agerssif is situated at the point where River Lakhdar and Bou Goumez join. Here you can take lunch, rest and have moments of joy. After lunch, the Lakhdar Valley limits the climbing south side on its way. A thirty minute or so upstream is the pleasant town of Taghoulit (1519m), encompassed by juniper trees. The way moves up the valley and after that out into the spreading and more prolific upper valley, until the point when it achieves Sebt Ait Bou Wlli, a sizeable town over the stream. A few valleys meet, our way travels south from the village, the valley ending up perpetually delightful as it ends up above wheat and fields of barley, juniper, wild fig and trees of almond. Overnight outdoors on the banks of the Tifra River close to the Rougoult (1893m).

Lodging: Camping

Provision: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Walking: 5-6 hrs

Altitude: 300 m gain


Two hours of the walk-in morning will take you to Tifra, the path of stones over the river. At the space on the banks, there are terraces. The land becomes more barren as the on climbing. At 2860m of Tifra, is just below the Tizi nRougoult pass. Here the only thing you will find is all around the trees of juniper, bushes, and plants of alpine. From the pass of Rougoult, there are long routes of the summit of M'Goun, the southern M'Goun Massif and over the River of Tessaoult. From the pass, the way downhill for 2-3 hours to the town of Amezri (2250m) at night.

Lodging: Camping

Provision: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Walking: 5-6 hrs

Altitude: 970 m gain, 600 m loss


The third day is again full of delicate joys as the way takes to the Tessaoult River, dropping from 2250m to 1833m. The valley is trimmed in by some bewitching cliffs to see, especially by the slope of Ichbbakene, which rises a sheer 1000m over the stream. At a few places along the day's walk, the way crosses the stream. For a great part of the year, there is a possibility to encounter over stones, yet after downpours you may need to swim. Three and a half hours more downwards, having crossed few places at the river, the way limits and crushes itself underneath the stone and mud places of the town of Ait Hamza. At the base of the town is a mill of working water. One more hour of delightful strolling prompts the town of Ait Ali n'Ito. On the off chance that you have time, there is a decent side excursion to the town of Magdaz, a three-hour round trek toward the south of Ait Ali n'Ito. Magdaz is noted as a standout amongst the loveliest towns in the Atlas Mountains. It has an accumulation of remarkable pinnacle houses worked in steps utilizing stone and wood, a strategy is just known here, in Fakhour (see tomorrow's walk), Yemen and Afghanistan.

Lodging: Camping

Provision: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Walking: 4-5 hrs

Altitude: 430 m gain, 150 m loss


A road full of dust takes to the river on a simple foot walk at the end of the route. The route often climbs to the mystifying village of Fakhour, towards the houses on the hillside and known for (traditional wall at the end of the village), to visit. It takes not more than an hour past the Fakhour, Ifoulou town is situated at the bending between the road and the river (at fascinating souk of Mondays). Thirty minutes past the town, the way joins the primary Demnate-Skoura street underneath the town of Ait Alla, here the journey ends and we need to find way back to the Marrakech.

Lodging: -

Provision: breakfast and lunch

Walking: 3 hrs

Altitude: 150 m loss



This trek is available from April to October.

If you are travelling alone please contact us as there is often the opportunity to join a group.


Moderate trek with 4 to 6 hour walking per day.

Please visit our Grading page

Price includes

  • English speaking mountain guide & Berber Cook
  • Mules to carry your kit bags
  • All meals and water on trek
  • Accommoadtion in a Berber village or bivouac

Not Included

  • Travel insurance.
  • Soft/alcoholic drinks
  • ATips and personal expanses

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