Cultural & walking tours in the High Atlas and beyond

High Atlas Hiking - Meals on trek

As a general rule, the food you eat during your treks will be dominated by fresh salads, vegetables and either couscous or pasta, followed by fresh seasonal fruits and accompanied by small breads, and sweet mint tea. The food is all freshly prepared and is very healthy and nutritious. It is often worth bringing a small supply of your own favourite high-energy snacks to eat during the trek if you find your energy decreasing. Things such as jelly and energy bars or gels can be a useful backup in this case. As can dried fruits and nuts.


Breakfast is in Moroccan style with semi-flat bread, jams, honey, processed cheese and butter. It comes with sweet, black mint tea or coffee. You will also sometimes have fried or boiled eggs.


During our trek we will stop for around 30-40 minutes and have a good lunch. Our cook and muleteers will go on ahead of us and set up 'camp' to make our lunch. This is mostly in an attractive spot on the trail. The exact time of the meal depends on our speed covering the ground to the position previously agreed with our cook and muleteers. Therefore, if we are a slower group it may be 2 pm before we stop.
Lunch is usually mint-tea with bread and a huge platter of finely chopped salad such as tomato, pepper and onion along with sweetcorn, olives, sardines, beans and preserved meats. We will often have delicious local oranges as well.


Dinner may be various but a typical meal would be Moroccan-style soup and bread followed by a chicken or vegetable tagine and couscous, rice or pasta. You will also have seasonal fruit for desserts such as oranges, watermelon or cantaloupe.