Cultural & walking tours in the High Atlas and beyond

Health, Fitness and Safety


All the person who is physically fit and normal in health accept that they are only permitted to walk on the Atlas for hiking. But if they have any sort of doubt about their health it is necessary to take a doctor certificate to ensure that this type of walking is safe for you and you are allowed to take part in the walk.

It is also recommended to inform the management in advance about any type of allergy or dietary needs or medicines so that proper arrangements should be made and the proper meal is provided to the participant.


Your safety is our priority; therefore, we ensure each step sensibly to make the tour comfortable and enjoyable for the participant. However, walking is your choice and it is your own risk.

We provide the information on certain assumptions related to the walks, treks, or ascents. For example, normal wellness and ability. The data has not really been provided particularly for your own conditions. It is in this manner your obligation to consider such factors as your physical wellness and any equipment that you should need to carry, especially where you set out on an independent walk. We will not be responsible for any of accident, individual damage or demise emerging from any of the strolls, aside from where passing or individual damage emerges from our carelessness.

We maintain all authority to request that you sign a Disclaimer Form to affirm you know about, and have acknowledged these terms and conditions.


Some of our entire days guided strolls meant for a strong physical challenge, on the troublesome landscape with sharp climbs or plummets. We claim all authority to practice our judgment in the matter of whether an individual is reasonable to join a specific walk, and if fundamental, to decay their interest in the case that it is thought to be for their own particular security and that of different participants. The guide's choice and counselling need proper attention. No responsibility will be taken in case of any mishap or accident because of not following the directions.

A full suggested kit list is incorporated on our site, and we claim all authority to cancel the participation of any walker who is, in the conclusion of the guide, insufficiently prepared.


All the children must be taken under the supervision of a responsible adult that will accompany them for ensuring the safety and wellbeing.