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kit list for Toubkal climb

What to wear on Mount Toubkal in winter?

We recommend you bring your climbing equipment with you or you can rent them in Imlil but the selection here is quite old and limited.
Here is a quick list of all the gear that you need to pack for Mount Toubka climb in winter:

- 80-90L Waterproof Duffle Bag (please make sure it has shoulder straps because the mules only go as far as the snowline, after which porters carry the bags to the Refuge).
- 25-30 litres Day-pack.
- 25-30 litres Day-pack.
- Underwear (Synthetic dries quicker).
- Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Trekking Shirts.
- Polartec Fleece Jacket.
- Hiking Trousers.
- Insulated Winter Jaket.
- Waterproof Shell Jacket and Trousers.
- Sun Hat, ideally with a neck cover.
- Warm Beanie or Fleece Headband.
- Glacier/sunglasses cat 3 UV polaroid.
- Headlamp.
- Liner gloves.
- Fleece gloves / Mitts.
- Walking Poles with snow baskets.
- Trekking socks.
- Hiking boots.
- Refuge Shoes - crocs or sandals.
- 3 Season Sleeping Bag.
- Power pack / Solar Backpack Charger - Plags are available in the Refuge for charging but in high demand.
- Camera, Music, Kindle etc.
- Spare Batteries and Camera Memory Card.
- Energy Bars.
- Energy Drink Supplement.
- 1 litre drink bottle.
- Sun cream and lip salve.
- Toiletries, including one roll of toilet paper.
- Trekking Towel.
- Small Lock for your Duffle Bag.
- Antibacterial hand gel.