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Tailor-made Walks

Tailor-made Walks

We are professional level experts to make your group walks memorable and we can compile a walk that will be just perfect for you. All you have to do is tell us about your likes and your level of commitment to the walk and we will design a walk that is just the right amount of trekking for you. We are really good at it.

You can look at some of our best offers from our favourite walks but you are always welcome to choose your own track of your liking. You can easily decide the area and difficulty of your walk by reading our walk descriptions.

If you want to add some custom activities on your trip you are always welcome. In order to be comfortable with the activities, you can consult the link which gives you a few activities you can plan by clinking on your activities link for walks.

You can always take our suggestion as we are always happy to help. We can assist you in planning a wonderful walking experience which will be suitable for you and your group in all aspects. We have a bundle of suggestions which you might find attractive and exciting.

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We recommend our tailor-made walks for:

- Families
- Private groups
- Corporate clients
- Other events, parties and celebrations.

With our tailor-made walks you get to choose:

- How long you want to stay - a long weekend, a week or a couple of weeks.
- Where you want to stay
- How many, and what sort of walks you want to do.
- What to do on days when you don’t want to walk - see some of our suggestions for other activities.