Cultural & walking tours in the High Atlas and beyond

Our grading System

In order to keep you mentally ready for the difficulty of the walk to be taken, we have a simple system which allows you to assess the upcoming walk.

Gentle Treks

If you are able to walk just fine and are healthy enough to stroll around, then the gentle treks are just the perfect treks for you. Your guide will be discussing the different sections of the trek with you so that you can plan on how to enjoy and manage the complete trekking experience. Typically 2-5hrs per day.

Moderate Treks

Our next level of trekking is categorized as moderate. To be able to enjoy these trekking adventures, you need to have a regular practice of walks. Long walks can be more helpful. During the adventure, it is expected that you will come across some inclined terrains to walk over but our guides will be there to assist you in crossing the steep climbs. Typically 4-6 hrs walking per day.

Challenging Treks

If you are a regular enthusiast for hiking and are used to go on long adventures consisting of many days, then you are more than welcome to join our adventures in this category. We will be experiencing different weathers and will have only the basic facilities at some points. You being in your best physical form with good stamina will be important for such trekking adventures as he trekking height can more than 3000 feet. Typically 4-9 hrs walking per day with occasional longer days (10-12h).

Demanding Treks

This is our toughest category for trekking and to be able to go on such trips we would recommend you to be a professional trekker and experienced trekking on harsh terrains. Your best health status is a must and we would recommend you to be at the peak of your stamina in order to participate in such trekking adventures because some treks are at an altitude of more than three thousand feet.Long days of 6 - 9 hrs walking. Occasional longer days (10-12h).